Talking about revolution …

vivalarevolutionSometimes it’s really valuable to take a step back and regain the broader view again. What you are able to observe from this kind of outside perspective is sometimes stunning. I am personally looking at a revolution that’s going on. It’s a very strange situation, because on the one side people are talking about it all the time. And on the other side it’s widely ignored …

What I’m talking about is mobile commerce, aka couch commerce, aka post PC commerce. Since I work for a start-up in exactly that industry, I can see both sides. The consumers and device industry on one side and the merchants on the other side.
If you dive into the data provided by several sources (I don’t want to talk about numbers here, just google it) about sales of tablets and smartphones you know that are widely spread and especially in the tablet sector the prices are getting more competitive all the time. So the for the technology, the revolution in the living room is full under way. The PC/laptop/netbook as primary source of web browsing at home is definitely dying out. In essence that means more and more people browse the web with their tablets and smartphones. It’s not rocket science to predict that this number will grow with the more sales we see in post PC devices. From the statistics we get from our customers we can see that – depending on the industry – the shops have already between 10% and 20% in post PC traffic.

And then we come to the merchants’ side. What should I say? Go browsing yourself… The big merchants in a lot of (but not all) cases adressed the topic somehow. Few have really good solutions for post PC visitors. And then you have the millions of small and medium shops that didn’t do anything. In overall I guess that 99% of all shops are not optimized at all. Plainly said: These shops ignore 10-20% of their visitors and serve them a shitty experience. Therefore the conversion rates are much lower than in the normal web shop.

I’m not sure why this ignorance is so wide spread. May be it’s because the merchants are bombarded with “new” topics all the time. SEO, social commerce, multichannel, whateveryounameit. But there is one significant difference: Most of these topics are add-ons to the normal web shop. They optimize. They can foster sales. Which is good, no question. But with post PC commerce it’s different. This is not an add-on! This is the fucking base of what you are doing! Imagine a service company that simply does not serve every 5th customer (to come back to the 20%). What would happen with your normal web shop if you showed every 5th customer a 404 page (ok, I’m exaggerating, but for a lot of shops it’s close to that)? So dear merchants: get the point! Optimizing your shop for post PC is not another option – it’s a business duty. All the people out there with tablets and smartphones expect your shop to work with their devices. And these users won’t go back on their PC to use your shop. If you do not serve them, they will simply go to someone who serves them better. It’s “only” 10-20% for now, but it will be more with time going on. So don’t let post PC devices turn into a threat to your core business – the revolution is on…

(Image by chris.corwin)

5 Responses to Talking about revolution …

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  4. Cubicle says:

    Great post. It really points out this is not a simple modification but a true change in perspective, design and thus an overhaul of sorts.

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